Thursday, 18 September 2014

Recon Bike Concept

This is a personal project, it was made using 3dsmax, Zbrush and Photoshop rendered in Unity.
The story is the bike comes from an air force/army camp stuck out in the desert, they make their vehicles and weapons out of anything they can find to fight off the enemy.

2014 Showreel part one

I have worked on several other games this year that are still in production so obviously I can’t show any of that work yet.
The two projects featured here have very different styles and had to match the toys that the assets were based on.
Transformers battle masters:
I made eight fighting robots and eight audience robots for Transformers battle masters, the robots had to match the toys perfectly with just the right amount of damage. Also, all the robots had to fit the same bone rig so that the animations could be used for all the robots, this was interesting to work out because as you will see from the show reel, the robots vary In shape and size.
Hess tractor trek:
I made all the vehicles for Hess tractor trek, once again the vehicles had to match the toys perfectly and I was asked to make four concepts for the tractors, each tractor had to have its own driving ability’s and had to have a front shovel and a backhoe, yet still be agile and believable.